African Black Soap: Ancient, Holistic, Effective


African Black Soap has been a primary part of African pharmacology for centuries, dating back to Cleopatra’s time. In Togo, this soap is the only soap used by mothers for their newborn babies. Shea butter is a main ingredient in black soap and is an excellent full lathering soap for most skin types. This non-drying […]

Can Cellulite Massage Really Make a Difference?


Just the word cellulite brings to mind a gross image of cottage cheese like lumps under the skin. The areas normally seen in are the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach area. They have found that as we age, cellulite is more common, mostly because the elasticity of the skin becomes loosened. Cellulite happens when the […]

How to Lighten Your Skin Safely, with Great Results


In the past, having suntanned skin was very popular, but most people now realize that a natural suntanned is not very healthy at all. Not only do the sun’s rays age your skin prematurely, but they can also cause issues such as hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. Whether you have experienced age spots, dark spots, or […]

Microdermabrasion at Home: What Really Works


There was a time when the only options for really enhancing the youthfulness of your skin were to be found in a cosmetic surgeon’s office. But technology has changed the way that a lot of women take care of their skin, with many opting for microdermabrasion at home. This is the same kind of skin […]

5 DIY Face Mask Recipes for Glowing Skin


Face masks are a great way to exfoliate your skin, deeply moisturize, and get that beautiful glow you love. Unfortunately, they can get expensive, especially if you opt for a spa experience. Instead of paying so much money for face masks, you may want to consider making your own – from stuff you probably have […]

Keloid Removal: Scar Cream vs Surgery


Most women expect to suffer from a few stretch marks as a result of getting pregnant, but keloid stretch marks or keloid scars are more than were bargained for. These types of scars are very visible and unsightly, though there is no particular medical reason why they should be removed. Keloid removal may be something […]

Can You Get Rid of Acne Scars? Here’s How


It’s pretty rare to find anyone who makes it into adulthood without any scars at all. Chances are that you had a case of chickenpox as a child, that you suffered some inconsequential injuries or accidents, or that you had some kind of surgery. Acne scars are also some of the most common types of […]

Complete Guide to Micro Needling for Your Best Skin Ever


If I told you there was a little-known, very inexpensive skin care tool that will not only tighten your skin and restore its youthful glow, but increase the potency of your favorite topical creams – I’m betting you’d want to learn more, right? What if the catch was that the tool might seem a teeny […]

Microderm MD – Effective Skin Resurfacing at Home?


If you’re someone who, like me, has turned to high-end spot and dermatologist treatments to enhance the quality of your skin, you know these treatments can make a big difference in terms of reducing visible imperfections and helping you look younger and healthier. What’s always been a big obstacle for me, though, is the cost. […]

Dermefface FX7 – Is This The Best Scar Treatment?


  It’s remarkable to see just how many people are looking for information on how to remove scars. The truth is that by the time we reach adulthood, the chances are very good that we’ll acquire some “battle scars,” whether they’re acne scars or those that are the result of burns, surgeries, or accidents. So […]